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Tragedy at the Church ( News)

It was a sad day for the congregation of First Baptist Church. Pastor Fred Winters was shot by 27 years old man while he was preaching on happiness. What was the motive behind the shooting no one knows. Many have responded to the news and commented. Some have asked the same old questions – where was their God when all this was taking place? And others have questioned why bad things happen to good people? Why God  didn’t stop that person? Many skeptics and atheists and agnostics have laughed and mocked about God at this horrific  and evil incident. And again  this horrible event would lead to number of debates, whether guns should be allowed, whether church should have metal detectors, whether only members should be allowed with their Id proof etc etc.

All what I can say that God is in control. My finite mind cannot reason and explain, why God does what he does. But I am assured by the scripture that  God works out everything for the good for those who love him and called according to his will ( Romans8:28). The Scripture is full of accounts where God allowed his servants to go through life threatening situations and circumstances and rescued them out of all dangers. But there are accounts where God’s servants were killed  by the hands of evil men. John the Baptist , Stephen,James, the brother of John and host of other Christians found in Hebrew 11 were killed.  I am reminded of John Wesley once said, when you go to work, be prepared to preach, pray, and die [for the Truth].

As there will always be skeptics, there will always be people of faith in Christ.  One thing we can both agree on is that it was a terrible tragedy for Winters to be gunned down in his place of worship in front of his family.  My heart goes out to their family and their church.

My heart goes out for the families  of those pastors who are killed in India, Paskistan, China and Sudan every now and then. But some of these stories never make headlines.

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