Freedom of Religion in America

What I have appreciated about the country is the freedom of religion in this country. One can travel to any country but would not find such a freedom of expression, speech and religion anywhere. I have come to appreciate it. We should appreciate the freedom of religion that we enjoy in this country because there is not a single in this world where people enjoy such a religious freedom. Read how Christians are persecuted and Christianity is opposed and Christian missionaries are not allowed.

On this day, July 4th, I would encourage to give thanks to God who have blessed us with such a freedom.  I have also appreciated Christian values and principles on which this country was founded.

People from different faith and cultures have come to enjoy this freedom. On the other hand, there are countries where Christians are persecuted and tortured. This is one good thing America can teach the world to respect and allow freedom to preach, promote and propogate.


3 responses

  1. Take a look at the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Plymouth Compact” and George Washington’s “Farewell Address” for documentation of a prevailing Judeo-Christian heritage in the founding documents. I hope that this helps.


  2. Paul Hutchins

    It would have been more accurate to say that this country was founded on Biblical principles. Yes, God is not mentioned in the Constitution but He is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, in both the first and second paragraphs (second, as Creator). The Founding Fathers did not want this country to become another “church-ruled” country like England, but they did see the value of God’s Laws (the Bible).


  3. scaryreasoner

    For a country supposedly founded on Christian values and principles, isn’t it strange that the Constitution mentions Jesus and God a combined total of, oh let’s see, ZERO times. Check out also the treaty of Tripoli, signed by John Adams, and ratified by the senate,, in which it states, “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;”

    Claiming that the U.S. was founded on Christian principles is revisionist history.


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